GF Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate. These are very chocolately cookies! They are also gluten-free! I made these last night for our Sunday family dinner and my fiance’s mom has a gluten allergy so I’m always looking for delicious gluten-free recipes. I found this on Pinterest quite a while ago and have been dying to make them!

These Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies were very easy to make and very few ingredients were required. I baked the first batch for 10 minutes, and they didn’t spread or crack very much, but they were still amazing. The second batch cooked for longer, about 12-13 minutes, and the spread and cracked much more. Both were so delicious. The inside was soft and full of melted chocolate chips. My family dubbed them “chocolate lava cookies

I think the key was baking them during dinner, so they were warm and melty when we were ready to eat them for dessert!  I highly recommend making this if you like chocolate! You don’t need to be gluten-free to enjoy this chocolate treat!


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