Coconut Macaroons

Happy 4th of July!

Today we’re going to a barbeque and I decided to make coconut macaroons. There is a fabulous little bakery here that makes amazing coconut macaroons. They make two varieties, one has sliced almonds and the top is covered in chocolate. The other type has lemon and basil inside, with a lemon glaze. Sounds strange with the basil, but they are so fresh a delicious tasting!

I found a recipe for Lemony Almond Macaroons from Real Simple. They have lemon zest and almonds in them, so I made these and covered half in melted chocolate chips, and the other half, I added basil before baking and when they were done I dusted them with powdered sugar and then covered them in a lemon glaze (lemon juice, lemon zest, powdered sugar).

They look beautiful (sorry for the horrible pictures)!

Chocolate Almond Macaroons


Lemon Basil Macaroons



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