Mascarpone Chocolate Toffee Bars

Two days ago my fiance left for a river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon (jealous!). He wanted some treats to take along for his friends, so I made these Mascarpone Chocolate Toffee Bars. This recipe comes from Giade De Laurentiis, and it is a great one that I make all the time because it is so easy and decadent. The bars look and taste like they were beautiful and time consuming, but they aren’t.

I do a couple things differently:

-To the softened store-bought sugar cookie dough, I add 1/2 tsp. of vanilla, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, and 2 chopped up toffee bars (I use Heath).

Sugar cookie dough with toffee pieces.

-I don’t add the oil to the melted chocolate. It supposedly makes it shinier, but I think adding the oil is kind of gross.

-To the top of the chocolate mascarpone layer, I use 2 chopped toffee bars. Also, toasting the almonds is key, it gives them so much more flavor and is worth the extra 10 minutes. I usually toast them right after the baked cookie base comes out and the oven is still on.

-They really need to be refrigerated to help the top set, but they do taste best at room temperature. I will eat them any way though 🙂

The yummy topping!



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