Parisian Macarons

Parisian macarons were something I never thought it would make. They look so pretty, delicate, and difficult to craft. After reading David Lebovitz’s post on making chocolate macarons, I decided to give it a try.

I followed his recipe pretty exactly. I did leave the egg whites sitting out in a bowl on the counter for about 3 hours prior.  They whipped up very quickly into a stiff, shiny mass.

After folding in the dry ingredients, and pipping the batter on to parchment paper, my biggest mistake was making the cookies too large.  The recipe said it would yield about 15 whole macaroons (30 pipped cookies), and mine only made 11 whole macaroons.

The chocolate filling was amazing, but took a long time to cool so I would recommend putting it in the fridge to speed up the cooling and thickening process. After assembling the macarons I also found the putting them in the fridge helped them to set up.

I was so excited about these that I made a second batch later in the day. This time I used a recipe from Annie Rigg’s book Macarons.  These macaroons were not chocolate so I decided to color them pink! I had left over chocolate filling from the previous recipe so I just filled them with those. They were beautiful, but I think I liked the chocolate ones better. These were also stickier and more fragile to deal with.

I am definitely planning on making these again and trying other recipes I find. Next color? Purple! Stay tuned!