Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles cupcakes are my FAVORITE. The cake is most and perfect-not to light, not too dense. The frosting is thick and creamy and sweet. And they look pretty 🙂

My boyfriend was in college at UCLA when the first Sprinkles store opened in Beverly Hills. We make trips there frequently so I like to think of us as some of the original Sprinkles fans.  After finishing school and living back in San Diego, we even make trips up to LA just for these cupcakes! At the time my favorites were carrot, pumpkin, and peanut butter chocolate. After a while, they opened a store in Newport (about an hour away),  so we would go there instead. In January of 2011 when Sprinkles opened a store in San Diego I was beyond excited. I stood in a 2 hour line for the grand opening (yes, I am one of those crazy people)! I don’t go that often anymore (mainly for my waistline and for my wallet) but when I go I have to get my favorites!

Top left to right: Red Velvet, Banana Dark Chocolate.
Bottom left to right: Carrot, Vanilla Milk Chocolate.

My two new favorite flavors are Red Velvet and Carrot. These both have AMAZING cream cheese frosting. The Carrot frosting has cinnamon in it. I have found the recipe online and make it recently for my homemade carrot cake and it was delicious! The carrot cake is also awesome because it only has walnuts, no raisins (I’m not a huge raisin fan). If you have Sprinkles near you, it is definitely something you should experience. If not, you can re-create it at home with their frosting! Williams Sonoma also sells some flavors of Sprinkles dry cupcake mixes.

Recently, Sprinkles opened in Ice Cream shop next to their location in Beverly Hills. I am DYING to go up there and try it! The salty caramel and coffee fudge almond are calling my name! Yum Yum!!

If anyone has been there and tried it please tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you!